What is Blackhole?
Handcrafted platform
Fully independent and closed ecosystem.
Enhanced security
Regular vulnerability checks.
Protected wallet
Instant transactions and 0% commissions
Glorious design
More than just art.
Interactive Gambling
Incredibly comfortable and simple game.
Provably Fair
Game outcome independently verified.
Referral Program
Get free BTC for inviting people.
Stable Income
Working on new features.
Instant support
We're always ready to help.
Future Plans
New tools coming soon.
We hope you already like our project. Time to join us. Just press this huge button. Registration will take just a few seconds of your precious time. You can do this even with Telegram.
We won't get tired of talking about it. Security and privacy of our users, priority number one for BlackHole team. All user data encrypted with RSA and AES cryptographic algorithms.
We are serious.
Our team's made up of first-class cybersecurity experts. We worked a lot and hard to protect other people's startups. And of course we're doing our best to protect our own project. More than that. All our personal finance savings located on BlackHole too. So we're the same users as other people.
and ultra secure
Wallet what we’ve created took us literally a year to finish in in a best possible condition. BlackHole never've been developed like only the gambling project. It's just a small part of our platform. Definitely we want to give people a huge amount of different functions.
Guaranteed Funds Safety
BlackHole Wallet easily could be used like handy cryptocurrency storage. For regular anonymous and fast payments. BlackHole don't have any restrictions on output or input transactions. Neither we don't have any hidden commissions. Instead, we gave users the opportunity to setup this commission due the process of withdrawal.
Invite People
You don't like gambling? And don't want to play on our project? No problem mate. Specially for people who just want to earn some BTC. We've created unique referral program. If person you invited here's actively betting and using the site. We're glad to share percentage from our own profit with you. All easy. Check out your profile, o get more details about this.
fair play
BlackHole uses a cryptographic provably fair algorithm which allows users to check and analyze the legitimacy of every game. To confirm that nothing was manipulated or changed on the server side. Algorithm based on SHA256 encryption and random quantum numbers generation. We've opened the source code of this system. More information and details placed on special page of website.
Fully workable profile, wallet and blackhole game
Social features
Intelligent Media Feed, Cryptocurrencies Graphics, and More tools
Currency update
Smart Exchangers, Support for bigger amount of Cryptocurrencies